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Since 2005, All Star Physical Therapy has been helping patients feel better and return to the activities they love. Check out our patient testimonials to see the types of patients we have worked with over the years. Will YOU be our next success story?

"I've been running for years with ankle pain and my work out was compromised by the pain. I started treatment at All Star Physical Therapy and although it took some time and a commitment on my part, I am back to running again without pain. They are very professional and motivated me to stay with the program. Thank you!"

Edward S.

"Everyone at All Star Physical Therapy has been very professional and caring, which means a lot to a patient who is in pain and discomfort. You can be sure that I will definitely refer friends and family to All Star Physical Therapy."

Pam S.

"When I got into a car accident and injured my neck and back, I thought my life will never be the same again. But just after my first week of my treatment at your facility, I felt like I was back to normal again. I would like to thank all of you for excellent work."

Vanessa C.

"I suffered with chronic neck pain for 2 years. It interfered with my sleep and I was unable to get through a normal day. Since going for treatments at All Star Physical Therapy, I've seen dramatic results. They helped alleviate the pain, but more importantly, they showed me what I can do on my own in order to help maintain a pain free life."

Robert Z.

"After having my first child I started to experience some low back pain. I've never had back pain before and was really worried that something was really wrong with my back. What made matters worse, I couldn't carry my new baby as much as I'd like. The professional staff at All Star Physical Therapy answered all of my questions, eased my stress and really helped my low back return to normal."

Alisha C.

"The service I receive is excellent. The office is beautiful and clean and the staff is so caring and professional. It's like a little vacation in the middle of my work day."

Janet T.

"All Star Physical Therapy treats patients the way they should be, with professionalism, expertise and integrity."

Mark G.